Innovation in tube bundle cleaning and coating

Tube Bundle G-Line Coating

All tube bundles and heat exchangers suffer from scaling and corrosion
to varying degrees. With the proper cleaning and coating application methods, these problems can be greatly reduced.

The correct choice of tube coating will reduce corrosion and scaling, thus extending the lifespan of the tubes and boiler, as well as increasing the thermal efficiency of the system.

G-Line coatings address these concerns and more, using a specifically designed solvent-free co-polymer coating with exceptional heat transfer characteristics.

Because almost all natural waters contain dissolved calcium and bicarbonates, scaling and deposits on the tubes is a major challenge for all boiler operators. The impact of excessive scaling is increased corrosion rates, reduction of heat transfer and an overall drop-off in plant efficiency, which in turn can lead to costly repairs and downtime of equipment.

The most efficient protection system on the market is G-Line coatings, which can be applied to the internal or external surfaces, and can be applied to different tube materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium and Brass.

Specialised cleaning of the internal surfaces of the tube bundles can be either chemical cleaning, high pressure (HP) cleaning or abrasive blasting. Selection of the method to be used should be based on the type and nature of the scale or deposit formations and the tube materials.

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Stringent quality procedures are required at all times. G-line, as a division of Southey Contracting, has an experienced and skilled crew to execute the required cleaning methods from both a prevention of equipment damage as well as a personnel safety perspective.

Coating procedures are specially developed to provide an extremely smooth surface finish, with a dry film thickness (DFT) of approximately 60µm, that has a nearly 7-times greater abrasion resistance than normal solvent-borne coatings.

Smooth Finish

Smooth finish of the coating prevents scaling and/or corrosion

Abrasive Resistance

High abrasive resistance

Improved Heat Transfer

The transfer of heat is vastly improved

Reduces Tube Leaks

Reduces the number and frequency of tube leaks

Longer Lifespan

Extends the life of heat exchanger/condenser elements

Reduced Down-Time

Reduced down-time of the heat exchanger/condenser

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